Joinease Hong Kong Ltd established in 2004, mainly sells sustainable material plastic & stainless-steel drinkware.

Our philosophy is to design and make high quality products in simplicity and sustainability, let there is less harmful but more protection to the earth and people all over the world.

Registered our brand“LessMore」 in countries such as EU & China. LESS means delicacy, simplicity, pro-environment and sustainability; MORE means plenty, more time, more space, a better life and a more harmonious society and environment.

Climate change is a common challenge for all mankind. We started to produce PCR PP products in 2009 and committed to use more and more sustainable green materials on all products, including bio-based materials, bio-attributed styrene, post-consumption recycled materials like Tritan Renew, rPP, rPET, recycled stainless steel, etc. Certified by GRS, RCS, ISCC Plus environmental protection series certification and manage our company’s carbon emissions reduction in accordance with ISO14064. Continuously strive for win-win between mankind and environment.

Our manufacturing factory supports our product development and production with their advanced injection molding / blow molding / stainless steel machines and process technology.They are now fully promoting automation equipment and lean production to build a world-class factory.

Gained the professional experiences that encourage us to solve the entire recycling problem in the world: this system is called a 「Closed-loop recycling system」, we work with different parties and have achieved certain success through the expertise, we are engaging more with the public and further improvements and develop new product.

We are looking forward to working with you for the sustainable material products and a sustainable future!

ISCC & GRS & RCS certificate01